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Location: 2117
Loc.: Hamburg
Location: 1893
Loc.: Hamburg Umgebung
Location: 132
Loc.: Hamburg
Location: 3735
Loc.: Hamburg
Location: 3509
Loc.: München
Location: 3087
Loc.: Köln
Location: 1799
Loc.: Lübeck
Location: 388
Loc.: Hamburg
Location: 2374
Loc.: Berlin
Location: 1915
Loc.: Mallorca
Location: 1860
Loc.: Hamburg Umgebung
Location: 3830
Loc.: Amsterdam
Location: 2159
Loc.: Potsdam
Location: 3500
Loc.: Düsseldorf
Location: 1797
Loc.: Hamburg
Location: 1953
Loc.: Hamburg


With us ideas find a home
And that can look very different, because as individual and unusual as your ideas are the opportunities offered by our location library.
Modern surgeries or romantic circus? No problem. Tumbledown cottage or stately castle? We've got it.
No matter if film or photo production, music video or event - in our huge online library there is the right location for every idea - throughout Germany and even beyond. And if not?
Then we are happy to scout for you new locations.
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Productions are a pleasure with us
It's easy to become annoyed, if not everything runs smoothly.
Therefore, we are happy to advise and assist you in planning, calculating and controlling your production.
Whether contract negotiation, obtaining the necessary permits for public spaces, organisation of road closures, production support on Set, project management, casting coordination, organisation of photo equipment, logistics, transport, set construction, prop scouting, catering and much more we take care of.
With a lot of experience, absolute reliability and good contacts. So you can focus on the essentials on set.
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06.12.2023 - Neu bei uns im Archiv

Neu in unserer Wohnwelt ist die Location WLP 4121 in Hamburg Umgebung

29.11.2023 - Neu bei uns im Archiv

Neu in unserer Wohnwelt ist die Bauhaus-Villa WLP 4120 in Hamburg Umgebung

21.11.2023 - Neu bei uns im Archiv

Location 2471 aus unserer Arbeitswelt in Hamburg bekam ein Foto-Update und ist wieder auf neuestem Stand 

13.11.2023 - Neu bei uns im Archiv

Neu in unserer Arbeitswelt ist die Location WLP 4109 in Hamburg

09.11.2023 - Neu bei uns im Archiv

Neu in unserer Wohnwelt ist die Location WLP 4106 in Hamburg Umgebung