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Location archive

The locations in our archive are as multifaceted as your ideas. Whether you’re looking for a clean doctor’s office, a romantic circus, a quirky shared flat, or a stately castle – you’ll find it in our location library. Whether you’re planning a film shoot, a photo shoot, producing a music video, or organizing an event, our extensive online location archive offers suitable locations across Germany for every idea. And if not? Then we’re happy to scout for you!



Our constantly growing online archive is available to you day and night. With just a few clicks, you can find the perfect location for your project. Our database also automatically suggests possible alternatives. At the same time, our archive invites you to browse and discover.

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Premium benefits

With a premium account, you can view additional location information. The new map feature allows you to search for locations within a specific radius. Floor plans and sun trajectories can also be provided upon request for most locations. Additionally, a growing number of our locations are available as virtual 360° tours.

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Location selection

No time to search yourself? No problem, we’ll take care of it for you. You send us the briefing, and we’ll provide you with a link to the suitable suggestions.

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Location scouting

We are real location detectives. If your ideas are so unique that no archive location fits, we will scout them for you. We pay attention to the look and feel, but also to the practical feasibility and we deliver locations to you quickly and reliably, on which you can bring your creative ideas to life. And thanks to our partner scouts, we are at your service throughout Germany.

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Committed to service excellence

Customer service

Long before a production can start, there are already important questions to clarify. What is feasible and what is not? How long do authorities need for approvals? Approximately how much should you budget for location rental? Are there any special considerations? With these and other questions about locations, feel free to pick our brains anytime.

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Production service

With us, productions are fun. We gladly advise and support you. Whether it’s contract drafting, organizing permits and road closures, on-site production assistance, project management, casting coordination, photo equipment organization, set construction, prop scouting, catering, and much more, we take care of it.

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Sustainability is important to us as well. Therefore, we offer 360° virtual tours for an increasing number of locations. This allows locations to be experienced virtually without the need for an entire team to travel to the locations. It helps productions save time and travel costs. Upon request, we also create virtual tours for locations that have not yet been presented in that format.


New to our archive

Our location archive is constantly growing. We are always searching new locations for you. Here you can see some of the latest additions to our archive.

Neu bei uns im Archiv


Neu in unserer Wohnwelt ist die Location WLP 4181 in Berlin

Neu bei uns im Archiv


Neu in Location WLP 2619 ist der Pool im Garten. Sie liegt gut versteckt an der westlichen Hamburger Stadtgrenze und ist leicht zu erreichen. 

Neu bei uns im Archiv


Das ist die Location WLP 3812 in Hamburg. Renoviert, neu gestaltet und ausgestattet bietet sie unzählige Hintergründe für Foto- und Filmproduktionen 

Neu bei uns im Archiv


Neu in unserer Wohnwelt ist die Location WLP 4175 in Hamburg Umgebung, Nordheide

Neu bei uns im Archiv


Location WLP 1657 in Hamburg Umgebung, Nordheide im 70er Jahre Bungalow-Stil auf grossem, parkähnlichen Grundstück

Neu bei uns im Archiv


In unserer Wohnwelt hat die Location WLP 2176 in Hamburg ein Foto-update bekommen

Clients commercials

Activia, Adidas, Adler Moden, Ärzte Versicherung, Alba, Alberto, Aldi, Allianz, Alpro Soya, Amica, Ammerländer, Apple, Apollo Optik, ARAG, ARD, ARTE, Asklepios, Astra, Audi, Avacon, Avancis, Axa, Axor, Bad Pyrmonter, Bank Sarasin, Belmondo, Berker, BKK, Ballisto, BamS, Bauknecht, Baur Versand, Bayer, BayWa, BCN, Becel, Bechstein, Betten Rid, BGL, Bitburger, BMW, BOEN, Bon Prix, Bosch, Breunigner...

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Clients feature film and TV series

Das Geheimnis des Totenwaldes

KBV: keine besonderen Vorkommnisse (I + II)

Der Fall Jens Söring

Lillys Verschwinden

Love Addicts


It wasn't me

Zurück ans Meer

Zwischen zwei Herzen

and several video clips

About us

With WE LOVE PICTURES, we created the first online archive in 2012, combining our extensive experience from two location agencies. The result: An online portal with a comprehensive, nationwide selection of locations where customers can also search for themselves."

Ulrich Ebert

Ulrich Ebert

In 1984, after completing my training and years of assisting both domestically and abroad, I began working as an independent photographer. Towards the end of the 1990s, I embarked on creating my own location archive, and in 2000, I founded Atelierhaus Locations Services. Over the years, I’ve provided suitable locations for a multitude of ideas, both nationally and internationally. My photographic expertise continues to serve me well, as I understand precisely what matters and I am familiar with the needs of clients, photographers, and creatives.

Ralph Schucht

Ralph Schucht

After completing my studies, I initially worked as a photo producer and location scout for various productions. In 2001, I founded my own location agency called first-site-locations. Since the establishment of WE LOVE PICTURES, I have also been involved in the continuous development of our online archive, always with the goal of making it an indispensable tool for our clients. Additionally, I have been actively engaged in the board of the professional guild of location scouts (Bundesverband Locationscouts BVL) for an extended period.

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